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Nithyananda Newsletter: Words from the Master.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Words from the Master

One more thing – when you love deeply, there will be no room for jealousy. Jealousy is there because you are afraid that the shallow roots will give way. If the roots are deep, why would you be afraid? Why would you get jealous? Do you understand what I am trying to tell? Trust in your partner feels shaky because of a superficial relationship, a relationship based on fantasy and lust.

Romance is not real romance if you feel it towards only one person. Life itself is romance! Your very Being has to exude romance – towards Existence. When your Being expresses itself through your head, it is intelligence; when it expresses itself through the heart, it is compassion; when it expresses itself through the body, it is Energy and when it does not express itself but just IS, it is Bliss!

When you reach this stage, you will not be dependent on anyone outside for any sort of joy. You will simply resonate with joy all the time inside yourself. Of course, you will be able to multiply it by sharing it with others outside.

When you feel deeply connected to a person, there will be no need for physical proximity to that person. You will feel happy and satisfied with just the feeling of connection with him or her. You will feel complete unto yourself and not look to anything outside for fulfillment. This connection will not suffer separation or anything else.

A relationship is all about feeling connected to someone at a deep level, beyond all things. When you don’t understand this, you bind yourself to people with so many conditions and call it a relationship. It becomes shaky and you work hard at maintaining it and conclude that relationships are a torture!

People tell me, “Swamiji, I want to come and stay in the ashram. I am not happy staying at home.”

I always tell them that if they are not able to be happy with 4 people in their house, they cannot be happy with 100 people at the ashram! Do you think that the ashram is some escapist lodge?

Be very clear: Home is not anything outside of you. Being blissful all the time irrespective of what goes on around you is what is ‘being at home’. If you are not able to be like this, you will not be at home anywhere.

When I stayed for months together in an 8’ x 8’ enclosure, I was as blissful as I am today sitting on this throne. Please try to understand this. The capacity lies in understanding that your happiness has nothing to do with the outer world objects.

A dog is biting a bone and starts bleeding from the mouth. It thinks that the blood is coming from the bone and bites further into it and licks the blood. What will happen to the dog? Only pain will happen. This is what you are also doing. You think that the pleasure or pain is to do with things outside of yourself and indulge further and further in it and become miserable. Do you follow? Yes…

This excerpt has been taken from the book: Guaranteed Solutions.


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