the home coming…..

… If you will go into your hearts each day, before stepping a foot out of bed, and pray for the Light of God’s holy love to bless and fill you, to go before you and prepare the way. Asking your Angels to guide and protect and watch over you. Asking for inner guidance throughout your day, and listening to the gentle nudges within . . . you will find that you may have stepped ever so lightly upon the path of divine love! This is the path to happiness and peace. And it can be that simple. When you realize within your own inner knowing that there is nothing that can harm you, when you, the “true you”, is in alignment with spirit in every way, your path is now a golden path of Love. It only happens because you have asked, and you have believed, and you have allowed that knowing that all will be given to you with ease and effortlessness as you allow your Soul, your spirit, to walk you through all of life’s journey! It is the gift that you may have believed in your mind, but you must now know it in your heart! It is always your choice. And in the highest truth: you can never be harmed! Our love will not truly allow that which you are to be lost!…


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