the home coming…..

Secured to the cross planted firmly in the ground is symbolic of one being tied to the illusion created by the ego, to being stuck in the mud. ‘Death’ on the cross is about letting go of the egotistical behaviour we call living.  It is about realising we can awaken from this slumber and rise again, ascend to be who and what we truly are.  This is what Christ wished to show mankind by allowing himself to die fixed to the cross and then rising again as an ascended master.  So this Easter die and be reborn, surrender the ego to God and allow your soul to rule your heart.

Let the Light shine through you, allow the Love to pour through your every being.  Show your world communion with God with your every word, your every action, your very being.  Be the love and compassion that all who come to you need and want.  Give and it shall be given unto you but do not go seeking it for it cannot be found.



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