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die to awaken from your sleep

Secured to the cross planted firmly in the ground is symbolic of one being tied to the illusion created by the ego, to being stuck in the mud. ‘Death’ on the cross is about letting go of the egotistical behaviour we call living.  It is about realising we can awaken from this slumber and rise again, ascend to be who and what we truly are.  This is what Christ wished to show mankind by allowing himself to die fixed to the cross and then rising again as an ascended master.  So this Easter die and be reborn, surrender the ego to God and allow your soul to rule your heart.

Let the Light shine through you, allow the Love to pour through your every being.  Show your world communion with God with your every word, your every action, your very being.  Be the love and compassion that all who come to you need and want.  Give and it shall be given unto you but do not go seeking it for it cannot be found.


time to move on

The fling with Windows Live didn’t really work.  So I have returned here and maybe now is the time to start delivering from the heart and not just putting the work others and links…

new trial blog

I’m trying Windows Live and so I’m currently posting more here

The Sunrise of Your Heart | Heavenletters

The Sunrise of Your Heart

Heavenletter #3107 Published on: May 28, 2009

God said:

Your heart is a beautiful sun meant for all to see like a sunrise. The sun of your heart can be covered up, and yet it continues to shine its light. You can cover up your love as clouds cover the sun, yet the clouds do not stop the sun. The clouds do not even touch it. The sun shines regardless of what is superimposed upon it. The sun of your heart shines the same no matter how many fences and moats and shades of night do their cover-up.

You might as well give up on hiding the fullness of your heart. Cover-up is a lost cause. Like make-up, it washes off. Go ahead and use make-up if it makes you happy, yet how well you know that dimming the sun of your heart makes you unhappy. You may dress your heart in varied costumes of haute couture or rags and all the styles in between.

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Toss Your Worries Out the Window | Heavenletters

Toss Your Worries Out the Window

Heavenletter #3106 Published on: May 27, 2009

God said:

Will you, once and for all, stop worrying? You over-worry. Any worry is too much. Worry is pointless. It takes your energy and gives nothing back in return but more of itself. Make a better bargain than this.

Worry is fretting. Worry is thinking of what could go wrong. You even worry after something has gone wrong. Then you worry yourself to the bone over what you could have done better if only you were able to go back in time. Beloveds, you can’t go back in time. You cannot undo. Now, please, let go of worry and remonstrance. Let go of worry before, during, and after. Just let it go.

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What Good Fortune Would You Like Today? | Heavenletters

What Good Fortune Would You Like Today?

Heavenletter #3105 Published on: May 26, 2009

God said:

Beloveds, as best you can, stay away from assumptions. Assumptions are really hasty judgments. You make hasty assumptions all too often. Someone makes a remark, and you feel the remark means that the person doesn’t like you. You make assumptions that something is the matter when nothing is the matter except your perception.

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When You Stand on a Mountaintop | Heavenletters

When You Stand on a Mountaintop

Heavenletter #3104 Published on: May 25, 2009

God said:

You have perhaps been in the pattern of being selfish. It doesnt matter. Today you can be unselfish. It isnt really unselfish that you have to be, for the opposite of selfish isnt really unselfish. The opposite of selfish is generous.

Be generous. Come from a place of strength where it is easy for you to be generous.

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